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What is panchkarma?

panchkarma is the oldest scientific system of cleansing and revitalization in the world today. Working in harmony with the body’s natural processes and rhythms, it is gaining popularity with people who recognize the body’s capacity to heal itself given periodic re-balancing through cleansing. panchkarma dates back to India’s Golden Age when these luxurious and life-extending treatments were originally reserved for royalty. Now, everyone can receive panchkarma’s benefits of longevity, positive health and radiant beauty. Through a lavish series of treatments, panchkarma brings balance and equilibrium to cells, tissues and organs, enhancing digestion, assimilation and elimination, bringing energy and enthusiasm back to our lives. As our body, minds return to harmony, we naturally have the focus to follow the higher aspirations of our spirit. Truly, panchkarma is a precious gift from the enlightened seers of antiquity, bestowing health, well being and wholeness to those who partake.

Ayurveda states that every human being is a unique creation born of Pure Consciousness, descending into the five great elements Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. In the physical body, these five elements form the three biological humors called Vata (air + ether), Pitta (fire + water), and Kapha (water + earth). Vata, Pitta and Kapha (VPK) are called Tridosha. Tri is three and dosha is that which causes changes in the body. The Tridosha, body, mind, senses, and soul comprise the human being. Our psychosomatic temperment is expressed through the specific combination of VPK set at conception. In Sanskrit, the language of Ayurveda, this mind-body genetic blueprint is called Prakruti, or constitution.

Benefits of panchkarma

Detoxifies the body. Enhances the power of digestion and metabolism. Restores and revitalizes all internal organ and gives your body a glowing appearance. Increases Ojas, the physical and spiritual 'essence' derived from food, which builds immunity. Eliminates illness at its root. Increases the clarity and function of your five senses. Brings a harmonious balance and tranquility to your being. Purifies the reproductive system which supports healthy, intelligent progeny.** You just feel good again!!!

How panchkarma Works

The Tridosha (VPK) originate in specific zones of the Gastro-Intestinal Tract (GIT), the body’s central passageway from mouth to rectum. Kapha is produced in the stomach, Pitta in the small intestine, and Vata in the large intestine. When doshic imbalance occurs, ama (toxicity) is generated in these sites. Over time, accumulated ama is eventually carried away via the bloodstream by the cyclic movement of the doshas (VPK) from the GIT to the periphery of the body (muscles, fat, bones, nerve and reproductive tissues). This circulating ama will then lodge wherever the body’s immunity is the weakest. Skin disease or joint pain are examples of ama lodged in the periphery of the body. Minor symptoms of discomfort signal early signs of toxic build-up in the GIT and at this stage, correcting the imbalance is usually not difficult. But if these warning signs are ignored and ama travels to the deeper recesses of the body, these initial minor symptoms will later escalate into major illness when the build-up of toxins finally overwhelms the body’s natural capacity to cleanse. The goal of panchkarma is to deeply purify the entire body, eliminate toxic wastes from their place of origin, and re-establish strong metabolic strength to insure ama is no longer produced. Even though panchkarma can include symptomatic treatment, its real importance lies in its power to eliminate the root cause of disease once and for all. panchkarma’s practical approach utilizes our body’s own inherent mechanisms of elimination for self-healing and provides a pure, safe, uncomplicated, yet awesome opportunity for transformation.

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