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Dr. Vijay Dagar

is the man behind the department of Piles,Fistula,Fissure,Pilonidal surgeon at Agnivesh Ayurveda. He is a dynamic personality, proficient in the area of his domain. He is a one man army that caters to every aspect of the patient’s need. He has rich industry experience and was trained at Ch. Brahm Prakash Ayurved Charak Sansthan,Khara Dabar, Najafghar, New Delhi, which has made him an expert in Anorectal procedures. His excellence in academics with tech-savvy nature enhances the quality of services provided by him. Agnivesh Ayurveda is set up to cure Ano-Rectal diseases with most comfortable and convenient Medical Treatment, using and developing latest and most recent medical technology and time tested Ayurvedic Principles. This institute uses Ksharsutra therapy, a latest technique of Ayurvedic surgery.
If you are looking for fistula treatment without surgery, then Agnivesh Ayurveda Institute emerges as one of the best option. This institute has gained immense popularity across the country for providing proven fistula treatment for complex Grade 4 & 5 Anal Fistulas. In fact, it is a pioneer center for treating all types of ano-rectal diseases like fistula, piles, fissure etc. Surgical treatment of all these diseases results in post operative pain, bleeding, decrease in sphincter strength & in some cases, recurrence of the disease and several other side-effects. The core strength of the institute is the use of advanced medical technology, a team of experienced doctors and the world-class infrastructure facility.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO)

World health Organisation (WHO) says, Kshar Sutra surgery is better than any surgery. A five year study project on Kshar-Sutra conducted by WHO in AIIMS,Delhi on the treatment techniques for Fistula in Ano, Piles and Pilonidal Sinus has revealed that the rate of success of Kshar Sutra. surgerywas found to be 98.6% in Fistula in Ano,Piles and Pilonidal Sinus as compared to Modern surgery where the rate of success is very low.