What Is Kshar Sutra

Kshara is a caustic, alkaline in nature obtained from the ashes of medicinal plants. It is a milder procedure compared to surgery and thermal cautery. ... Kshara Karma is useful as the substitute of surgical instruments, because they can be used safely on the patients who are afraid of surgery

Types of Kshar Sutra

Kshara possess the following qualities Tridoshaghna, Saumyata, Dahana, Pachana, Darana, Katuka, Ushna, Tikshna, Vilayana, Shodhana, Ropana, Shoshana, Stambhana, Lekhana, Krimighna. Materials used for preparation of kshara Sutra are Snuhi Ksheer, Apamarga Kshara, Haridra powder, Thread Linen Barbour

1). Agnivesh Ayurveda Kshar Sutra Snuhi Ksheer:

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Benefits Kshar Sutra

Benefits The treatment helps to cut, drain, and heal the fistulous track which causes the discomfort. It also destroys and helps in the removal of unhealthy tissues, thereby facilitating fast healing of the fistula tract. The Kshara Sutra therapy also controls infection through its microbicidal action

Method of preparation of Kshar Sutra

Preparation of Kshara Sutra is a lengthy and tedious process, while the result it produces in terms of terminating the ano-rectal disorders from their roots is unparalleled and commendable. Apamarga (Achyranthes aspera), ... Kadali (plantain tree) etc are used to prepare the kshar sutr.

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